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Justin Bieber has ‘a Sweetness to Him,’ says Lady Gaga

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

There are some people who just want to poke fun at Justin Bieber. Still there are also some people who just love the Canadian singer and Lady Gaga is one of them. Recently at the Met Ball Gala, Lady Gaga was full of praise of Justin.

The singer posted a picture of her with Bieber on her Instagram page at the Met Gala in New York on Monday. Along with the picture, the 29 year old ‘engaged’ singer said: “He really has a sweetness to him. He grew up in front of the whole world. I reminded him to not get bothered. Because at the end of the day. He’s the boss, and life isn’t always Roses. Lots of thorns. ??”

Later Justin thanked Lady Gaga via social network for the ‘kindness.’ (more…)

It has been a year and a day since Justin Bieber’s infamous arrest

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

The popular and good looking man who has charmed many with his stunning looks had been arrested on 23rd January, 2014, in Miami, Florida under charges of driving under influence. Infact he along with singer Khalil had been taken behind the bars when Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini had raced against a sports car. The charges of driving with a license expired over six months and resisting arrest had been slammed on him. He was however released the next day on a bond of $2,500.

On being released he was seen waving to his fans from his car who had gathered outside the jail premises. Bieber had however been ordered to take a course of anger management, watch videos that showed the serious consequences driving in an intoxicated state may lead to, pay the costs of the court as well as make a charitable donation of $50,000. He had later been arrested again in September for rash driving. These incidents were enough to spoil his boy-next-door image and he was also tagged as the most annoying celebrity of 2014. (more…)

Justin Bieber – As long as you love me Official Acoustic Cover Video by Yll Limani

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

Justin Bieber mourns the death of his rescue dog Sammy

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star is mourning the death of his longtime dog named Sammy. The pop star revealed it on Thursday night on Instagram that the beloved pooch has passed away. Along with the old snap of himself with the rescued pooch, Justin wrote, “R.i.p Sammy,” with many sad emoticons.

The singer further added: “you were the best puppy ever.” The snap and the sad message was more than enough for Justin fans to get #RIPSammy trending on Twitter in United States only within a few minutes. Later it went on to become the No 1 trending topic throughout the world.

Justin’s Twitter followers replied with countless tweets; such as –

“literally grew up with Justin,”

“He was here from the beginning, I can’t believe this. I’m so sad.”

“I’m so sorry @justinbieber we love you and are here for you! #RIPSammy
“having a dog myself makes me feel even more for Justin and how sad he must be right now, i can’t even imagine 🙁 #ripsammy.”

Sammy, indeed, was not a stranger to Justin’s devoted fans who have followed the singer’s career as well as family closely. Back in the year 2009, the pop star talked about his pet in a Peta2 interview, stating that that the pup became his buddy when he moved to a new town where he did not know anyone. In fact, Sammy also appeared in Justin’s concert film named Never Say Never.

Justin Bieber – I Will Always Love You ft. Selena Gomez (Official Music Video)

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

Official | Justin Bieber “One Time” Flash Mob in Stockholm, Sweden

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5