Speaking In Tongues – Justin Bieber ( Lyrics + Download Link )

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24 Responses to “Speaking In Tongues – Justin Bieber ( Lyrics + Download Link )”

  1. Maria Gomez Says:

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  2. Alexander Osborn Says:

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  3. candykris11 Says:

    Can still rap this like a boss

  4. Amy Bacon Says:

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  5. Xenoscify Says:

    1:05 Justin’s an illuminati puppet

  6. Neveah Mariee Says:

    haha i’m white. but even tho he’s white he does got skill for a young white boy.(;m mannnn i love himm <3

  7. SeIenaUItimate Says:

    im white lol

  8. Kim Miller Says:

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  11. Raania Muradin Says:

    Still Kidrauhl. This was now 4 years ago, gime goes so fast!! I’m so proud of you Justin! Belieber forever

  12. fab rauhl Says:

    “I’m white” DONE

  13. Stefa Kowalski Says:

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  14. Kathryn Nabasa Says:

    The first sentence he sang “speaking in tongue” is refers to tongue (one of desire Holy Spirit gifts to help you pray onto God) and he also lower the tongue with cites it with no respect. And he also ridicule the tongue at 0:34 “I’ve been hearing these things that sound like crazy like …. speaking in tongue”

  15. eviesingssongs Says:

    wait whats wrong with this song ????

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  17. Kathryn Nabasa Says:

    Please don’t sing or hear this song again. this song blasphemy the gifts of Holy Spirit’s language (tongues) so this song automatic blasphemy Holy Spirit too. And to let you know, sin that CANNOT be forgiven is making Holy Spirit sad.

  18. Reniela Bosters Says:

    He is the same old justin , still kidrauhl just taller

  19. Cry me a river Says:

    old Justin :'( I miss u

  20. Tarah Sapir Says:

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  21. james anthony Says:

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  23. Muzica143 Says:

    when i first heard this, i was like “It aint half bad.”….*le shrugs* “Oh well” *scroll, scroll*

  24. Lezor James Says:

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