Official | Justin Bieber “One Time” Flash Mob in Stockholm, Sweden

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25 Responses to “Official | Justin Bieber “One Time” Flash Mob in Stockholm, Sweden”

  1. ioannis chalkiotis Says:

    τον χορο της πεινας θα κανουμε στην Ελλαδα…….

  2. srdjankovic Says:

    this is what you call a gay mob

  3. Luugerez Says:

    gringas,gringas everywhere :s

  4. Candi10149 Says:

    @PIMPxHEID Hahahaha! LAmo! Good ONe!

  5. kori wallan Says:

    You go girls!!! looks like fun 🙂

  6. sarah difiore Says:

    the kid just walked threw lol 2:22

  7. whymeproducz Says:


  8. Mikaela Mikke Eriksson Says:

    @DontEatMeLol Håller med :DD

  9. Chaskita Javiera Says:

    La mea Perso

  10. AbbyHiTopsBieber Says:

    Justin Bieber måste ser den här . och hoppas att han skulle komma till
    Sverige! eller skulle jag skicka den här videon till hans Twitter ? xD

  11. butterfly22273 Says:

    great job!!! and remember haters will alway hate(whymeproducz)

  12. xTeamJustinBieber Says:

    LOL the random guy that walks through at 2:22

  13. wingsgurlz Says:


  14. Geraldine N T Says:

    that random guy on 2:17 :p hahahahaha

  15. Tora Sparkles Says:

    älskar tjejen längst fram med gul tröja, hon va grym

  16. Rosalys diaz Says:

    im organizing one at the mall also how did u guys get the music to play did
    u talk to the people at the mall?

  17. Leahh Slove Says:

    LMFAO! That was minor epic.. But if our mall was big enough. We’d make this
    look sick!

  18. Milkypalace Says:

    there’s like no energy at all. It feels like they all feel like “lets get
    this overwith” haha Ohwell you did a great job anyway!

  19. Tautvydas Taučius Says:

    Just terrible.

  20. nadiaiwanek Says:

    jag kommer ta självmord hahah lol ne skoja men HAN MÅSTE KOMMA ANNARS

  21. MirandazBieber Says:

    2:22 hahahahahahaha XD

  22. 6383Money Says:

    where is justin bebeiber he did not come out yet i’m so happy one time

  23. joebandoe Says:

    Jävlar vad dom sög

  24. ilykarebear1997 Says:

    lol everyone was like wtf keep walking (:

  25. HannOhx Says:

    @Mybestyearmusic because guys like you are judgemental with no respect for
    girls who aren’t skinny or full of false tan and make up.