[Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber Diss] Eminem – A Kiss [Feat. Royce Da 5’9″] – Bad Meets Evil

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “[Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber Diss] Eminem – A Kiss [Feat. Royce Da 5’9″] – Bad Meets Evil”

  1. TheGamingg33k Says:

    @tyisfly9 i hope you die pianfully with your dick chopped and rubbed all over your face

  2. jerkking85 Says:

    he doesnt even diss lady gaga lady gaga is eminem’s favorite artist because shes different from others eminem just said it was a joke in an interview

  3. Dude11191 Says:

    @b0rnt0b3f4m0u5 alright dude,thanks for tellin me bout this.Its good.

  4. RelapseMan12 Says:

    probably the best diss ever , Eminem is best ! keep dissing those bitchs Eminem

  5. plsstopkioox7 Says:

    Bieber feever fans disliked dis

  6. Leti070394 Says:


  7. GamingTVC Says:

    He did diss Bieber he said i don’t care how bieber is doing and if he said beaver isn’t that Biebers nickname 😉 Fuck u Bieber !

  8. thetruth27391 Says:

    @ThelnfamousChannel He definiately dissed Gaga “Tell Lady Gaga, she can quit her job at the post office, she’s still a male lady. Wouldn’t fuck her with her dick you heard, the verdict’s in”

    I don’t Know if he dissed Bieber though. All he said was,

    “He don’t give a damn how Bieber/ Beaver doing”

  9. borkug Says:

    @matereymate Well that’s fine if he doesn’t say anything significant. I mean Bad Meets Evil has always been about having fun telling stories, rather than being relevant.

    But I’m not a big fan of the fast, almost screamed flow. It takes skills for sure, but it removes all the groove and variety that Em used to have in his flow.

  10. 321machado Says:

    ╭∩╮(︶_︶)╭∩╮ fuck lady gaga and justin bieber

  11. swanton23456 Says:

    whend does it diss justin bieber?

  12. matereymate Says:

    ok first of all, seriously the top comment has soulja boy on it?? wtf

    second, this has A diss to lady gaga…………. but it’s not a diss song……

    there is a difference, he doesn’t diss bieber, he says beaver…….

    and last but not least, to be honest I was a bit disappointed with eminem in this album with royce……basically hes back to his fast paced rap style…….
    BUT he really isn’t saying much in these songs…….not anything significant or important……..

  13. SkateKing1143XX Says:

    like this if lady gaga should go back to a MALE LADY!

  14. armnianfan Says:

    fuck u eminem don’t be to jalous

  15. eatcheesegethammerd Says:

    Not the first JB diss but deffinately the best!! First JB diss Michael Buble-Holywood is dead. Eminem You are awesome. Keep dissin!!

  16. TheDrakeRulez Says:

    good song with the bass but no diss to beiber -_-

  17. prune1342 Says:

    Fuck Bieber! he didn get dissed that much, Nvm, But JB i bet you are next on EMINEM’s diss list, lady bieber!

  18. XLUpLoaderXL Says:

    @PimpmaPC it is but a small one quote : ‘ He don’t give a damn about Bieber doin
    what a demon, a behemoth, evil just seems to be seething through him.’

  19. PimpmaPC Says:

    @Joyciiex33 this isnt a justin bieber diss i mean he only said the word beaver. Its a pity he didnt diss him but yeah,,

  20. DaRoshn Says:

    He isn’t really dissing bieber, he’s just saying he doesn’t give a fuck about him, he also mentions Katy Perry, but that wasn’t a diss neither… But the gaga line was a diss for sure!!

  21. Duge14 Says:

    he ain’t dissing jb, lol 😛

  22. ColeGamer7 Says:

    Grande Eminem!!!

  23. MrVapemaster Says:

    haha oh yeeah such a diss on beiber lol its one tiny little comment if he would’ve dissed beiber, jb wouldn’t have a career anymore.

  24. mikikb24 Says:

    he don’t give a dam about beaver


  25. mxtrem3 Says:

    uh, its just one line. its not like its an entire rap song about dissing gaga or bieber.

  26. Spears Says:

    I heart Britney Spears

  27. Roxx Records Says:

    Roxx Records are all about the magic

  28. Gutterpups Says:

    I thought the Gutterpups did it better

  29. Highly Favoured Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs 🙂

  30. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    Anyone see last night’s Music dol?

  31. House Music Says:

    I love House Music

  32. ZoserMusic Says:

    We don’t need your money money money