Justin Bieber’s Official Best Buy Commercial!

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32 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s Official Best Buy Commercial!”

  1. egskalverathin Says:

    hahah this is awesome 😀

  2. omgitzmaryxo23 Says:

    @nadiaXnecromancy He doesn’t drive a ferrari, get your facts straight. He does not have “a few gigs” He had a sold out world tour with 85 shows in America and is now on a sold out World Tour. He sings at every single concert. Yeah, people may work hard to support their families, but Justin works hard at what he does. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise. Your argument is invalid.

  3. drewthehipster Says:

    @word526 LMFAO yeah it be…in like 40 years

  4. thevgman Says:

    This commercial fails to answer the big question: who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

  5. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @xXthePSPmasterXx considering he said it about himself LOL but good try.

  6. xXthePSPmasterXx Says:

    kinda looks like a girl awwwwwwwww that was mean NOT

  7. mehartsk8ing Says:

    @misspeacelover13 He’s really a bad person? Sorry but have you met him and experienced him being rude or mean to you? I’ve met him and he was actually pretty freaking nice.

  8. mehartsk8ing Says:

    @misspeacelover13 He’s a bad person? Really? Cuz when i met him he was actually pretty fucking nice.

  9. misspeacelover13 Says:

    yes he is!!!

  10. word526 Says:

    the old guy is justin bieber lmao

  11. mehartsk8ing Says:

    @nadiaXnecromancy Obviously you are talking about a WHOLE different person. Because the Justin Bieber i’ve heard about is the one that donates to Pencils of Promis foundation, visits hospitals to see sick children more times than you probably have ever seen a hospital, who flew down to Africa to help the people down there, and he is inspiring MILLIONS everywhere to follow their dreams. So tell me, is he really a bad person? NO.

  12. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @nadiaXnecromancy go away seriously. you are the most inconsiderate person. I’d really like to see you do everything he just. THEN your arguement MIGHT be valid.

  13. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @nadiaXnecromancy thanks (: i appreciate it!

  14. JhonnyJoey Says:

    @DumbBlonde07458 After this shit? Ozzy Osbourne now likes little [untalented] children? That’s why I should say again: R.I.P. that old Ozzy we all used to admire. It would be just good if the only thing we had linking Ozzy to Bieber was that good one from the madman in the TV show: “who tha fuck is justin bieber?”. How it wasn’t enough having those two retarded fucks as son and daughter, now he’s what? Adopting Justin Bieber?

  15. DoctorSexyMD Says:

    Haha when he was being the old guy he was wearing a Justin bieber shirt

  16. lola2sim Says:

    @DumbBlonde07458 hahaha 🙂 no problem :3 a Justin Bieber’s fans website of Spain 🙂

  17. mrdavide007 Says:

    I can’t believe.

  18. lolerpro Says:

    Well, at least he can make fun of himself…

  19. 123Rascal4 Says:

    @rawrrawrurmom do you have anything better to do than make fun of him? Seriously? What has he ever done to you huh? Nothing. Exactly. Who’s nominated for TWO grammies tonight? not you obviously. So saying all this bullshit is pointless.

  20. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @lola2sim haha THANK YOU! like what website?

  21. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @nadiaXnecromancy are you kidding me?! You HONESTLY think that? I’m laughing at your stupidity. Saying Justin Bieber doesn’t inspire people or make a change in this world is like saying Michael Jackson wasn’t famous. We’re obviously not talking about the same Justin Bieber.

  22. DumbBlonde07458 Says:

    @Spinguitar I do love Justin Bieber, he doesn’t work for Disney, He DOES right his own songs, I’m NOT saying bull. If you’re going to be mean, please get off my video. THANK YOU 😀 <3

    And no one deserves to die. THATS WHAT IM SAYING.

  23. arsenico70 Says:

    what’s a Bieber ??? lol

  24. rawrrawrurmom Says:


  25. Boztongore68 Says:

    i CAN’T believe this 🙁

  26. Britney Spears Hot Says:

    Love Britney

  27. Ultra Cat Says:

    Get the music on

  28. ShaggyMusic Says:

    Shaggy did it better!

  29. Jokerz Comedy Says:


  30. Great Songs Says:

    About time you learnt to sing!

  31. DJ Flawless Says:

    Hang the DJ

  32. Fibonacci Music Says:

    Get the trumpets in!