Justin Bieber – Turn to you + pictures/video (Official New Song 2012)

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Turn to you + pictures/video (Official New Song 2012)”

  1. TestDriveUnlmited2 Says:

    Shit. I’m green with envy due to my cousin’s friend. He’s actually been available constantly. By a fluke, he has got a model to love him in weeks. Just how is that even achievable? He told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone lovely told me they loved me… I’ve never witnessed him so cheerful. Kind of makes me frustrated.

  2. italoalicia Says:


  3. Lydia Haynes Says:


  4. kacibieber6767 Says:

    im cryin

  5. Simmare192 Says:

    I seriously cried, can’t stop watching it

  6. Amit Zaafrani Says:


  7. bungzel1805 Says:

    Oh my god….I cried.

  8. Erica B Says:

    Me to

  9. barbierare Says:

    This song makes me cry everytime i hear it. So beautiful Justin!

  10. Justin Bieber Says:

    I love you

  11. JenniOurworld Says:

    i love him very much !

  12. Acela Hernandez Says:

    It’s so sweet for him to write a song for his mom. Love him so much. Forever a believer

  13. TheFabStringbean Says:

    What a lovely message and tribute to all mothers.

  14. ployyawinnie mahone Says:

    I love you jb ^^

  15. itmy30yc Says:

    Dont say anything about his mom and mom is very nice mother and loves justin bieber alot so haters stop being hater he has a lot of honest in his heart 🙂 please haters is not a great idea okey and it’s not funny 🙁 !

  16. sharlliajnbaptiste Says:

    Haters if u hve nothing nice to say just don’t comment……and the song is like what his mom went throw to take care of him tht’s why there is so much pics of him and his mom

  17. Kurt Christensen Says:

    hate him

  18. YRAJI1984 Says:

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  19. karla andrea levill unquen Says:


  20. Raegan crossett Says:

    This is amazing(:

  21. liel itzhak Says:

    Love u

  22. cassie mccord Says:

    i love justin bieber so much as singer

  23. gnarly treerex Says:


  24. felicita pena Says:

    I luv this song

  25. My Holmberg Says:

    I’m crying… Love them <3