Justin Bieber Surprise Visit For A Young Burn Victim On (The Drs Show)

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber Surprise Visit For A Young Burn Victim On (The Drs Show)”

  1. teendrihb Says:

    i am so proud of justin. such an amazing man with a good good heart. and i
    am also very inspired from that girl.

  2. JamieK44 Says:

    This Made Me Cry My God Is Awesome She Could died .But Healed her in 2
    months. You Can’t tell me God Isn’t Real. Thank You God For Healing her

  3. Jewcey Jewce Says:

    I got a surprise for you backstage 😮 

  4. naomi hall Says:

    thats the Justin I wanna see I knew he would change and I am happy that I
    stayed by his side through it all. if you wanted the old Justin here he is

  5. funnygirl1011000 Says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful and the fact that she could’ve died is
    heartbreaking. For anyone who doesn’t believe God is real, he is because he
    healed her in such a short amount of time and she looks absolutely flawless
    even after everything she went through. Thank God for healing her because
    her family would have lost an innocent angel… 

  6. Sandy Žnidaršič Says:

    If this video was something bad Justin did, it would have 2 million views
    instead of 20 thousand.

  7. survivrs Says:

    Damn, first I’m crying about what she went through, and then I got bit
    pissed that Bieber didn’t do more in the video, BUT before the beliebers
    jump down my throat, I actually started crying all over again when I saw
    him come out with the flowers. I’ve made no secrets about my dislike for
    him, but I’ve been watching him the past few weeks on Ellen and he is
    finally looking like most other young guys. I love that his hair is
    “normal”, and I am PRAYING that he is being honest about everything he said
    in that dark video he made and put on here. I doubt that I will ever be a
    fan but I want to CHEER FOR THE KID because he sounds sincere about wanting
    to stop doing stupid shit that got him in so much trouble last year. And to
    Kilee, my prayers go out to you as you go through this painful recovery.
    I’m somewhat familiar with burns, and to know how serious yours were, you
    are very strong to have done as well as you have. Stay strong hon!!!

  8. Sean LaMountain Says:

    Her hands were so fucked up she had to cover them

  9. Roberto Papotto Says:

    Are people still hating on Justin Bieber? Hahaha its 2015 now guys, its
    seriously so old! 

  10. Mad I Says:

    what a beautiful girl

  11. Lewis Turner Says:

    2:30 “smelled something funny… then lit a candle” Are you kidding me! Did
    she even know what manufactured gas smells of? In the UK we are taught from
    a young age to recognise a gas leak.

  12. Taylor Anstrom Says:

    What was the surprise that he had for her backstage?

  13. WeedLovingCat Says:

    Glad this untalented joke is getting the hate he deserves. People with an
    actual brain know how much of a untalented douchbag he is. With a fan base
    of stupid teen girls who actually think he is good lol. And their only lame
    comeback is that I’m a hater(proud of it) and he’s richer than me LOL.
    Funny thing is he doesn’t even give two shit about his fans LOL he just
    wants their money, making this fanbase look even more stupid than they
    already are LMFAO.

  14. kylee rose Says:

    this girl also rocks short hair

  15. alexandre wayne Says:

    So sad … bravo for her <3

  16. moviefan2k13 Says:

    What a fake, Bieber is only doing all this to gain publicity and get his
    fame back. Simply because he messed up before and realized his career was
    going down the drain. Now he wants his fame back in order to get more money
    and publicity to events like this is a cheap way of doing so. What a fake!
    Bieber is such a fake! And LOL! at the little girls who think he is for
    real xD. 

  17. Ibeonit Says:

    Justin Is The King Of Pop!!

  18. # Team Belieber Forever Says:

    Please watch this video and

  19. Eberhard butters Says:

    I hate the American culture, it pisses me so off, a young girl almost burns
    to death and her shit Mum uses it to get attention and makes is super
    dramatic and proposes in front of the camera, I just cant stand that

  20. Adam Rutter Says:

    my white nigga got a surprize back stage…. Keeep it up bro, You on the
    right track.

  21. Jodie Frost Says:

    Im so so so proud of Justin such and awesome guy with a big heart that
    girl inspired all of us and people across the world also it inspired Justin
    aswell 😀 I hope she is doing well 🙂 also I hope she is getting better
    soon 🙂 

  22. Tabris Umberto Frutis Says:

    he is really tying to redeem himself. you can tell
    good for him

    and that girl is VERY pretty

  23. Victoria Muñoz Palacios Says:

    Not hating, but the girl didn’t sound too excited for her idol. I mean, if
    he says he’s proud of me, I would start crying and thanking him because of
    his effect in my life. Oh, well, Justin you’re still amazing<3

  24. sonicawesomeness Says:

    Goddamn it. This is why they teach you stop, drop and roll in school.

    Then again, I guess it’s kind of hard to remember that when you’re on FIRE.

  25. Taelynn Maddox Says:

    she is so pretty no mater what i have had something like the same but
    kicked in the face by a horse………keep praying for me and her and all
    other….thank you so so so much