Justin Bieber Roast: Stars Hurl Insults at Pop Star

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber Roast: Stars Hurl Insults at Pop Star”

  1. PeglegMedia Says:

    why did only the sucky comedians get invited? anthony jeselnik would have
    made him cry

  2. Twostones00 Says:

    Celebrity roasts were not designed for those who rudely piss in a
    restaurant mop bucket. There was a time when “Roasting” was for those with
    great talent, a life time of achievement and an unselfish life of giving.
    They all had high moral fiber until this criminal came along. That is
    proof enough that this so called “Roast” is actually over warmed propaganda
    bullshit designed to fool the simpletons into forgiving this criminal for
    his rude illegal disrespect for the laws and the people of our land.
    Bieber belongs in prison, not on a so called “Roast.” 

  3. HartBeatProductions Says:

    Looking for more WHAT NOW and beyond, see my channel!

  4. KID ILL Says:

    Where can I watch last nights bieber roast??

  5. Jenn Q Says:

    They went so easy on his ass come on that was nothing !! 

  6. DanQuarterback Dan Defensive line Says:


  7. Bin Dardundat Says:

    With all those black guys on stage, where the fuck was Lisa Lompanella ?? 

  8. chowpuppy Says:

    Props to Comedy Central for not announcing Ron Burgundy or even mentioning
    Will Ferrell in the credits. Just as the live audience and even some of
    the roasters were totally surprised, I think a lot of us TV viewers felt
    the same way when he stepped out from behind the curtain.

  9. Shania Vorley Says:

    Justin ❤️❤️

  10. Brock Lesnar Says:

    Justin Bieber already surpassed Michael Jackson..

  11. mrfrogbutt1 Says:

    What a dumb roast? I would have dumped actual comedians like Lisa
    Lampanelli,Andrew Dice Clay and Kathy Griffin

  12. Demondre Williams Says:

    It’s a new generation of teens most of them never heard of Michael Jackson
    but heard of Justin bieber of course he going to pass Michael Jackson in

  13. Johanne Edouard Says:

    Very happy for Trevor Noah. Good going Comedy Central. 

  14. Brandon Bennetzen Says:

    On behalf of everybody in this country Mr. Bieber: Your music sucks as does
    pop music!

  15. Kaloyan Stoyanov Says:

    Jeff Ross was the man!!

  16. santasxgirlfriend Says:

    bieber is a wanker

  17. Cassandra Kabir Says:
  18. Dj Long Says:

    I wish Greg giraldo was still alive he would of kiiiiiled him

  19. Daniel Zennou Says:

    This was so hard

  20. Chloe Beckett Says:


  21. Amish Dave Says:

    This ain’t no roast…Check out Dean Martin Roasts..

  22. Chelsea Turner Says:

    What is with that hair?! It’s horrible.. omg 

  23. Michael King Says:

    beiber is the biggest has been outta all them, and hes the youngest 

  24. ImFuck AsHigh Says:

    Martha Stewarts “Nigger rich” joke was way out of line

  25. MTSGHLambert Says:

    Stupid americans..