Justin Bieber Parody “Sleep on You”: Key Of Awesome #10

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber Parody “Sleep on You”: Key Of Awesome #10”

  1. thebellatwins2011 Says:

    This is awkward

  2. kittysursforever Says:

    this is cute nd funny

  3. metsdwright Says:

    do you always randomly find playboys in the woods?

  4. AngelofHappiness8 Says:

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  6. parheamostmont1986 Says:

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  7. XxSYLWIAxX314 Says:

    wow its been 3 years already!? John looks so grown up i the mistletoe parody! cutiee!

  8. Nahomy101 Says:

    the ending was cute

  9. sarhtechlacon1977 Says:

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  10. birirobell1975 Says:

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  11. YayCoolWhipYay Says:

    @BreChristie yeah he was just younger in this one (:

  12. BreChristie Says:

    oh god, is this the same kid from the Mistletoe parody video?

  13. TheSteviDavis Says:


  14. PhysicalWarfare Says:

    I hate Justin Bieber and even i HATE This video

  15. istillwantmore321 Says:

    woah. he got really cute. lol. ­čÖé

  16. Hayhayturc Says:

    That was weird

  17. AJP1037 Says:

    Itd be better if they got a girl that had her hair cut more like his lol

  18. 1foreverselena Says:

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  19. fluffyuni Says:

    Aww Jan’s so Cute <3 xxxx

  20. TheOliviared Says:

    Holy crap Justin bieber(jan or John ) is supper sexy -3!!!!!!

  21. thelaladiva824 Says:

    this is wierd!but so funny!

  22. jkoakley97 Says:

    he’s quite fit…

  23. parheamostmont1986 Says:

    Can’t Believe it! Justin B@ngs GF’s pussy here at JuztinBiever.way.to Must See! Check link out!

  24. MeerooTM Says:

    I learned about it in a playboy I found in the woods….I practically pissed myself when I heard that LOL

  25. pyroxlr8 Says: