Justin Bieber On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ FULL Interview (Jan 29,2015)

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ FULL Interview (Jan 29,2015)”

  1. Heidi Hoglund Says:

    He seems genuine about cleaning up his act, good for him. And wow he looks
    fucking gorgeous

  2. EPIC MELL Says:

    I feel sorry for the kid…he had the wrong people around him…and let the
    fame go to his head real quick. Like this roast he’s allowing comedy
    central to do…he’s to young to even consider that type of event. The
    media don’t respect and instead of laughing with him at the roast they all
    will be laughing at him. Dude image is tarnished , for good.

  3. Hailey Buchanan Says:

    I love that hes trying to clean his act and hes doing better. I’m really
    proud of him but to be honest I think he just needs to be away from the
    spotlight completely. He needs a normal life. As normal as it can be when
    you were a huge teenage heart throb. He was never made for this kind of
    pressure, well no one is but especially him. He started at such a young
    age. He could find ways to still make music and do what he loves without
    being completely in the spotlight. I also feel it would be nice if he could
    play around with his music and try to mature it a bit. It still sounds like
    pre teen pop music. I know he is a really kind and beautifully hearted guy
    deep down but he was just never meant to be famous. 

  4. Steve Em Says:

    That is one annoying lesbian. Why would Ellen even interview her

  5. laminage Says:

    It was too much at one time. You’re the Son of a Struggling Single Parent,
    you have so little, you’re discovered by a R & B Superstar, you become one
    of the biggest stars in the World and nobody seems to act in his Best
    Interest they only care about The Money, he Rebels, his father is back in
    his Life and it’s not for the right reasons. I don’t know what happened
    but I’m sure he had a major Intervention.

  6. pocketbacproductions Says:

    pull ur pants up and get a shorter shirt it looks like ur wearing a dress

  7. Arta Muqaj Says:

    Yes, he has made lots of mistakes over the past year but don’t we all. Put
    yourselves in his shoes, imagine having to deal with what he has to every
    single day. He was definitely hanging with the wrong crowd but now seems to
    have realized what he was doing. It’s funny because the whole world is
    against bullying but when it comes to him it’s no big deal. He is human
    just like the rest of us, and he does have feelings. You can definitely
    tell that he looks much healthier and happier compared to last year. I am
    so proud to of him! I really cannot wait for him to release his new music!
    The world is about to see who the real Justin Bieber is! 

  8. Nickolas Evanovich Says:

    1. He hair is different
    2. His voice is deeper
    3. He looks heavier
    4. He looks genuinely nicer
    5. What the fuck happened to the Justin Bieber we used the know!? Lol

  9. dashiefan3247 Says:

    any girl out there that likes this fucking fag is a fucking retarded cunt
    this fucker is total shit he needs to taken out to the street and fucking

  10. Raelyne Armendariz Says:

    Is that really him!!!! Holy crap!!! Hes getting old but I still love
    him!!!! I have bieber fever♥♡♥ but needs to fix the hair and the voice is
    not working he sounds 100!!!!

  11. Tanvi Jain Says:

    Introvert? Introverts don’t party that much. He is not an introvert just
    because he gets nervous and vice versa. 

  12. MrCheeselover88 Says:

    Eh I suppose he’s an alright kid… Well that’s all my man points gone woop

  13. Victoria Gaven Says:

    woah… he changed so much. even his speaking got less douchy. i never
    thought i would say this but you go bieber

  14. Sasuke Uchiha Says:

    wow…guys once again i h8 2 say this but…i think im becoming a fan…NOT
    cuz of his Calvin Klein commercial XD actually tht’s part of it XD i
    mean…PPL HE’S GOT SOME GOOD DAMN ABS…just saying XD

  15. jennifer garcia Says:

    Beiber quit lying you know dam well this is all an act! you and your pr
    team are desperately trying to clean up your “bad boy ” image to win back
    sympathy from the public! the only fools believing you are your crazy
    gullible fans!

  16. Jess Lizama Says:

    Where’s the Male Audience?

  17. Cedric Soul Says:

    Zack Moriss SAVE BY THE BELL

  18. Faizan Mahmood Says:

    Got the same birthday as him. 1st of march…

  19. lespatriotsfan Says:

    Never ever ever thought I of all people would say this but… I actually
    found him genuine and if he actually is serious about turning his life
    around, even I will be rooting for him. It’s never too late to change and
    people deserve support when they change for the better. I wish him all the

  20. BENTS ON Says:

    to all haters/KEYBOARD WARRIORS out there, really, you’re not gonna
    accomplish anything here, please get a life.

  21. Amber Warehime Says:

    That’s the fucking kid I miss in the background pic! I hate this new Justin
    who is a spoiled brat! Point blank. I lost total respect for him. Idc what
    any of you say, I don’t trust him again. He wants selena back?! Ha, pls!
    She’s perfectively happy with Zedd! Don’t ruin that Justin! & plus, aren’t
    you dating Hailey Fucking Baldwin?! I saw pics of you two together in a
    magazine & you kissing her neck. So don’t play that bullshit lie with me.
    Im not stupid.

  22. Greatest Ever Says:

    I hate this nigga so fucking much yall dont even wanna know

  23. Anthony Velez Says:

    I’m behind a computer screen and I don’t have to worry about anyone beating
    me up so. FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER AND ELLEN. They’re both fags. Ellen breath
    stinks and Justin let the spotlight get through his eyes and into his head.
    I could see through his bullshit. He’s not cleaning up shit

  24. None of your fucking business Says:

    He still is a cunt though

  25. Anoying Troll Says:

    I liked him better when he acted Black :/