Justin Bieber Never Say Never “Reaction” Music Video Official (HD)

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “Justin Bieber Never Say Never “Reaction” Music Video Official (HD)”

  1. rojohra Says:

    Justin why they call you fag

  2. mford50100 Says:

    What a generic, washed down, normalised, boring film – Justin may have tallet but WHAT A TOSSER. Oh well!!!shows how stupid mothers and kids are these days.

  3. kickassurass Says:

    omg my favirote movie ever gay

  4. simpson1511 Says:

    it was shit from the beginning to the end
    while the video is playing, sing ”GAY GAY GAY GAY” you will understand

  5. darkrai9000 Says:

    @screwstontexas12345 wtf why? hes only 16 hes a kid and he makes a documentary of his life?

  6. screwstontexas12345 Says:

    @darkrai90 it wasnt that kind of movie. it was to tell a story where he came from and how he got here. it was meant to be informative. concert/documentary.

  7. darkrai9000 Says:

    people think that justin is so good, well if i taped my whole life and delete all the mistakes i did and the wrong things i did and only include my good moments, people are bound to love him, hes a marketing tool

  8. napo69xd Says:

    OMG…Amaizing :DDDD :’)

  9. napo69xd Says:

    OMG…Amizing :DDDD :’)

  10. playguytj Says:

    when ever my dog makes poop
    do u know what i’ve make u do
    pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,up,up
    Never say never

  11. dogluver581 Says:


  12. MyTuulikki Says:


  13. chololatin Says:

    at firstthough justin was a gay guy but wen i saw that movie i relised how much trouble he had to go trough so justin needs a respect cause he great at wat he does and he should keep it up justin

  14. MileynMonica4Life Says:

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  15. missperfect3084738 Says:

    @chi798 she sure did i hate her

  16. Jwulieanne Says:


  17. Amelia19971 Says:

    The Best Movie Ever! I saw it 2 times i am thinking about getting the Movie!

  18. chi798 Says:

    selena messed him up

  19. angel32410 Says:

    Can you come to my house my adres is 508 long wood place

  20. angel32410 Says:

    I love you so much !!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!

  21. moviechannel1012 Says:

    Just saw him WIN the Best jaw dropping moment for his movie never say never On the MTV 2011 awards last nite-33

  22. Emigholz1 Says:

    I love the movie it was like I was there I love Justin bieber he is so cuit I wish I could see him in person

  23. greenplanet2400 Says:

    OMG…Justin Bieber is sooo cute. I am farting over Bieber right now. I love him so much I fart uncontrollably whenever I see his picture. I guess he wouldn’t marry me because of that, so I need to work on that. But it will be hard, ’cause Bieber makes my bowels fall to violent convulsions of love.

  24. jessi99844 Says:

    justin is the beast!!! omggggg justin i love youuu so much

  25. jessi99844 Says:

    justin is the beast!!!

  26. Pop Music Says:

    Gotta love Pop Music

  27. Shinoda Says:

    Shinoda is a music GOD!

  28. Bride Zilla Says:

    Love Bride zilla

  29. Get girlicious Says:

    I love Girlicious

  30. Super Pop Says:

    I love Pop

  31. Jamie Pugh Music Says:

    Lol at this one!

  32. theory of flight music Says:

    I stikc with my theory