Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

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33 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith”

  1. Str4ever98 Says:

    ay love you jaden smith!

  2. tappajatarsoturi Says:

    @Mahiz96 Lol ty, I’ve been wondering how to dl music from youtube, but this’ll do for now, thanks! 😀


    I love Justin Bieber, he is the best singer ever, never say to him because he sings very well. kisses


    I love Justin Bieber, he is the best singer ever, never say to him because he sings very well. kisses

  5. 14evermj Says:

    @kruegeRdanny POOR JUSTIN IS IN JAIL?? Wait you might be trying give us a virus with that link… -_____-

  6. BlackHeart4175 Says:

    xBelieberrrrr noone likes him if u want to listen to some real music listen to some metal or rock or something just not him

  7. guccihaxa Says:

    wow um #OMG omg omg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    my friend in california heard justins skype is biebx1337

  8. AAWAism Says:

    hhhhhhhh , you are defance for someone who dose’nt worth it ^_*

  9. R3Y2012 Says:

    comment pers second OMFG

  10. ChurroLova101 Says:

    @xBelieberrrrr oh oh oh!! go fuck yourself bitchy ass

  11. AAWAism Says:

    ball *

  12. AAWAism Says:

    hehehehehehehehehe .. he is a baal of shit

  13. xBelieberrrrr Says:

    @trelOtaurakii1998 If you hate Justin Bieber , stop watching him . He’s probably more sexier than you , and seriously he doesn’t care if you hate him . I hope you get hit by a truck .

  14. ayo123alex1 Says:

    cool video

  15. bluemousemouse Says:

    dont wanna sound like a twelve year old whos obsessed with him.. but everytime he looks towards the camera i freak out and scroll down :3 legit i just wish this world didnt have people as HOT as Justin Bieber.

  16. trelOtaurakii1998 Says:

    i hate bieber-.-

  17. sgtsparky45 Says:

    justin biebier go fuck your mother oh wate i killed her hehehehe

  18. banada2222 Says:

    Combining those two makes this movie a masterpiece of beauty. Stunning, epic, not to compare with any other. Without a doubt the best movie i ever saw at filmsi.co.cc and probably ever will see.

  19. giggsyg11 Says:

    justin beiber my ass

  20. themetvshowgo Says:

    watch the meshow feautrig Ethan the ezz zachary and featuring manav micheal jordan dude

  21. Mahiz96 Says:

    Download this song for free at: adf(dot)ly/1mM5e
    Thumbs up so people don’t have to keep asking!

  22. ChurroLova101 Says:

    @ilovecookies1 oh and i bet you’re a titty muncher 😀

  23. AllyBugGirl Says:

    No. Justin Bieber is not in jail nor is anyone else. That rumor is NOT true. That’s so mean for people to say. Justin Bieber is not abusive he wasn’t raised like that, he was raised to treat fans, haters, family, and friends right. Hes not abusive at all, he even said he wouldn’t ever hit a girl no matter what they did.

  24. ilovecookies1 Says:

    @cedkiller1996 no 1 is oing to give u a thumbs up i bet u anything that justin bieber is hotter then u
    T-toooooooooooooo hot
    E-never ENDING FANS


  25. taajsha Says:

    When me and a friend first watched this utterly beautiful movie, we couldn’t speak. we just sat in silence and wouldn’t say a word to each other. i couldn’t really think of anything to say that would do the fountain justice. never watched another movie on filmsi.co.cc, that influenced me like that.

  26. Kim Davis Online Says:

    Massive fan of this

  27. Mixed Martial Arts Search Engine Optimisation Says:

    I think I love Shakira

  28. Music Suburban Says:

    Love this music site!

  29. Katy Perry Says:

    Katy Perry rocks!

  30. Jedward Says:

    Stop Jedward!

  31. Irish Jig Says:

    Northern Ireland = Music centre of the universe! lol

  32. Bieber Says:


  33. Taylor Swift Hot Says:

    Taylor Swift is AMAZING