Justin Bieber – Mistletoe (PARODY) Too Early for Xmas Songs

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Mistletoe (PARODY) Too Early for Xmas Songs”

  1. joshuacaronjc Says:

    Good song but bad person to base it off of

  2. JedwardHolland Says:

    *looks under the like bar* Artist; Justin Bieber. Me; FUCK OFF THIS IS TRYHARDNINJA!

  3. sammy1fruitninja Says:

    funniest guy

  4. MEknife247 Says:

    he should of made this about Christmas songs 🙂

  5. checkyminecraft Says:

    i heard justin made a parody of this ITS TERRIBLE

  6. TheDarkpokeball Says:


  7. awesomenyapwnz Says:


  8. TacoBrosRevolution2 Says:

    what part in NY i might be close to you cuz i live in NY!

  9. Grimripper5000 Says:

    1. Right Click
    2. Stop Download
    3. Beat Justin Bieber.

  10. duyoazzaisin Says:

    i think tryhardninja would win if he and justin bieber had a singing competition

  11. Mrooleksandr Says:

    yeah 😀 it so bad xD compared to this

  12. TheyCallMeDigi Says:

    if you thumbs up this video…..Justin Bieiber will fall into a pit of lava and die 😀

  13. TheNewV2 Says:


  14. ConsiLoL Says:

    The tags “cameltoe” xD

  15. theRABIDpenguin20 Says:

    how is jb famous and not him?!

  16. HGXAvenger Says:

    You listened to the original…

  17. Tortroz08 Says:

    Justin is how i whould say in swedish en jävla helvetes b@&!!!!

  18. Callum ward Says:

    @SeargentMolt I did too and I was playing cod aswel and Justin beiber (the gay guy) = .l.

  19. Xmikelin10 Says:

    justin bieber = .I.

  20. SergeantMolt Says:

    I scrolled down so that I didn’t have to see Justin Beiber XD

  21. MrCrazedstarwarsfan Says:

    I’ll say, he should be famous not Bieber.

  22. JrDarkPhantom Says:

    haha Sean Paul lmao!

  23. fridibs3 Says:

    you are a awesome singer please go to american talent or something please 🙂

  24. Mrooleksandr Says:

    Better Then Original thumbs up if agree