Justin Bieber – Mistletoe [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Mirror

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Mistletoe [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Mirror”

  1. 123arucha Says:

    me gusta solo la cancion es la mas linda para mi

  2. eduardagata1995 Says:

    Muito bom amo Justin Bieber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nicolle898 Says:


  4. sabrinatf2011 Says:

    Justin S2

  5. RICHARDFULL100 Says:

    justin bieber te amo todos tus videos son lindo baby baby chau aguante la navidad justin pongan  el chico mas lindo del mundo y es justin bieber adios justin

  6. 19rabitt Says:

    q lindo es justhin bieber y buen video

  7. joshi809 Says:


  8. joshi809 Says:


  9. Raromy25 Says:

    i love justin and I think he’s a great singer, yet that one day will become the king of pop, everyone calls him gay is gay but who actually calls it, ’cause it’s all jealous of his success! love you justin and always will

  10. TheJollestolle Says:

    Justin ♥ Girl  ???

  11. Leitox2010 Says:

    teamo justin bieber

  12. Leitox2010 Says:

    genial no

  13. 1KatyPerryFan1 Says:

    @FreeBoy360 Nice dude…

  14. FreeBoy360 Says:

    i love you JB<3

  15. GrantAnthonyWalsh Says:

    justin bieber is a true star who is liked by many people cant wait to see how his career continues in the future
    !!!!! people who say horrible things about him are just jealous FACT!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE JUSTIN BEIBER :)))))))))) XXX

  16. kokitopedro Says:

    te amo justin bieber

  17. bankshot05 Says:


  18. nsgalindo317 Says:


  19. gilmarmi Says:

    te amo justin bieber

  20. bestgirl123444 Says:

    i am not that big of a fan of justin bieber cause he has 100,000,000 fans and i will never be able to meet him but i luv DAY DREAMING

  21. 99ThiagoPacheco Says:

    q safado quase todos os clipes dele acaba ele beijando uma garota

  22. Denishitta16 Says:

    Amo El Video u.u Me Encantoooo