Justin Bieber has 4 weeks to present papers

Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber has 4 weeks in his hand to produce all the the necessary paper works to receive his pet monkey named Mally from the customs office of Germany, authorities stated on Monday. Mally was confiscated at the air post in Munich on Thursday because the nineteen year old pop star was not able to give the necessary papers forms for importing a live animal species.

According to reports, Martin Brandlhuber, a spokesperson for the Munich customs office told that there are 4 weeks left to present the required documents and claim the animal. If no one comes forward,  Mally will be released for placement.

Martin added that if the singer failed to get in paperwork on his pet monkey’s vaccinations and origins, the authorities would take a decision on the future of the pet based on the evidence at hand.

He refused to say whether Justin had checked on his monkey. The Customs officials gave the 14 week old capuchin monkey to an animal shelter. Now Justin is busy with his Austria and Germany tour.

At first the monkey was hardly eating but it is in good spirits now, said Karl Keinz Joachim, the animal shelter director. According to reports, the pet was a gift from Justin’s manager and it accompanied him on his private jet to Germany.

Recently, Justin hit the newspaper headlines for enraging his fans when he came late on stage for a gig.


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