Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith – Never Say Never (Chipmunk Version) [FULL SONG]

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith – Never Say Never (Chipmunk Version) [FULL SONG]”

  1. djdaventreague Says:

    If u guys don’t like h

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  3. Yakesh11 Says:


  4. afiqcool19 Says:

    I love them;-)

  5. brisa902 Says:

    J.b sucks

  6. sparklingsylvester13 Says:

    Simons the coolest and jeanettes the prettiest

  7. mega310502 Says:

    I hate Justin but I love this version xxx

  8. kburris27 Says:

    so cute i love alvin and the chipmunks

  9. Chamorrita670671 Says:


  10. jobeth gotoc Says:

    ang galing nmn nl

  11. wyldaffodil Says:

    Thus is sediment

  12. lulepalacio Says:

    es lindo pero lla paso de moda

  13. TheMeMyselfandothers Says:

    te big pivture is the best about the song 🙂

  14. alexlolotte1 Says:

    je suis D’accord Avec toi N’importe quoi les gens

  15. alexlolotte1 Says:

    Trop bien Mais prefer la vrai Avec Justin Bieber <3 I Love You

  16. Leahdu93 Says:

    P*TAIN arretez de vous moquez de Justin Bieber !! Si vous l’aimez pas OK … Mais un peu de respect … BANDE DE RAGEUX !!! Avant qu’il devienne célèbre tout le monde lui disait de continuer et la PAFFFF il devient célèbre et vous ete Jaloux ou bien vous s*cez ceux qui disent qu’il est gay mais il y auras toujours des Belieber et sa a JAMAIS !!!!!!! Justin Bieber Forver !!!! <3 Belieber <3

  17. jbcanayon9 Says:


  18. lilomar214tx Says:


  19. CrossfireGameplay01 Says:

    its bad xD Badly maked usw

  20. emadyacoub15 Says:

    This is beter

  21. JustJamsOnly Says:


  22. JustJamsOnly Says:


  23. trampolinetricksguys Says:

    this video rocks. go chipmucks!!!

  24. tongtang4 Says:


  25. Bellaminion Says:

    “NEVER recommend Justin Bieber””!!!!!