Justin Bieber feat. Tory Lanez – Wind It – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Lyrics

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber feat. Tory Lanez – Wind It – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Lyrics”

  1. taylorlautner4eve Says:

    @imhereforcommenting NO!! NO NOTHING LIKE THAT!… :O EWW THATS JUST
    SICK!…in my house i only have 3 bedrooms! so me and my sis share 1
    bedroom and my bro has the other then its my mom and dad!…THATS JUST SICK

  2. Tiana Smith Says:

    girl i love it when you wind it 😉 Justin, you’re fuckig SEXY. Woah.

  3. MissSophieHemmings Says:

    if they make a music vid for this…dayyuummmmmm. 😉 xD

  4. Monique V Says:

    I love him so much, he’s just getting hotter and better<3 My sxxy Canadian
    boy, i love you<3333333333

  5. nada guerouji Says:


  6. antonella zamora Says:

    I could hear this song at a party ;D i kinda like this new Justin. (:

  7. Tiana Smith Says:

    Thumbs up if you had butterflies while Justin sang in the beginning 😉

  8. esmee9797 Says:


  9. courtneyclarkee Says:

    this is justin’s best song! by far..

  10. esraa71 Says:


  11. Carla Ribes Says:

    he should get in my bed , right now.

  12. Tabitha Johnson Says:

    honestly the only good part of the song is the beginning of the song when
    hes doing his oooohs part cuz thats the part with the least autotune ..
    whatever happened to songs like OOLG or Favorite girl.. those are his songs
    he just sounds like another artist not justin bieber

  13. nada guerouji Says:

    but kind of weird that all he’s saying is WIND IT lol

  14. alisannemely Says:

    this is so amazing o.O love it ♥

  15. Sophie Svestad Says:

    @taylorlautner4eve YOU AND YOUR SISTER SLEEP TOGETHER?????

  16. bre damore Says:

    i love the jamacian sound

  17. MissSophieHemmings Says:

    omfg this sexy.

  18. pamela montano Says:

    I love this song ! OMG , this beat is awesome ! Justin bieber has like a
    soft cool romantic beat <3

  19. amelia Villarroel Says:

    waooooo its so amazing i love it

  20. JbStoryz Says:

    lol its funny that so many girls cant wind it right buh i can

  21. BelieberBritney Says:

    love this song but he doesnt need the autotune

  22. xletssrunawayy Says:

    @xxBobAndFrankxx o.e Lmfao!

  23. HelloKittyxDRenee Says:

    Justin has a sexy voice now -Dead-

  24. Nicole SuperCutie Says:

    Love It ((((((((((((((((((( :

  25. RoxanneVoebel143 Says:

    it just edited , now it sounds different but its him i think..