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  1. MrCab236 Says:

    i”ve never met a girl who like gay biber

  2. ammar greepaly Says:

    im not a big fan of bieber, but this isnt funny, its lame

  3. ghadyayan Says:

    i was gonna ask the same question
    please anyone

  4. vchannel55 Says:

    does anyone know what song it is at 1:50

  5. Rasa Troliste Says:

    @elenapurpleprincess The ‘Bieber’ is the beaver

  6. Tornado81350 Says:

    xD ???? xD lol lolll

  7. DapDapDubiDubi Says:

    better nerf irelia

  8. UCantLaughWithoutMe Says:

    The second time I watched this ” right now ” I just noticed that if he says girls are ” icky “, then his hormones have not kicked in yet.

  9. LuigiMario2121 Says:


  10. chocolatebaby26 Says:

    1:29 epic facepalm 😀 lololol

  11. elenapurpleprincess Says:

    who is the beaver?

  12. elenapurpleprincess Says:

    I prefer not watching things that are not true!

  13. OmfgGamez Says:

    At the start Bend Over 😛

  14. ashlynn brooke Says:

    Uhhh this is stupid and also has anyone noticed his shirt changes at 1:08 ?

  15. anna maria Says:

    bieber is better than u

  16. 63Mastermind Says:

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  17. Rasa Troliste Says:

    I hate the beaver -.- she’s an idiot if she thinks that her voice is ‘good’

  18. lola5430 Says:

    Justin Bieber is very better than you!!

  19. Heidi Hellvik Says:

    are u like.. retarded?

  20. lisa201039 Says:

    um are u dumb or what like jb is awesome u suck

  21. kratliff64 Says:

    Come on people, I rather like Justin biebers music, he is not really that bad

  22. ProudBelieberGermany Says:

    @xxxMyLifeIsNicexxx but ou write it “Biber” 🙂

  23. onesockjack1999 Says:

    @kara17151000 get a life you stupid douchebag