Justin Bieber – As long as you love me Official Acoustic Cover Video by Yll Limani

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber – As long as you love me Official Acoustic Cover Video by Yll Limani”

  1. Yll LimaniONIMA Says:
  2. Thalia Ojeda Says:

    No podría haber sonado mejor ! Me encanta este coveeeeeeeeeeeeeer !! *-*

  3. Keti Korca Says:

    amusing Ylli

  4. AmpdeWindbell Says:

    I really hate this song but when I listen to this version, I fell to its
    spell. = =”

  5. Dor Adler Says:

    awesome job! check out my version :)

  6. Arshdeep Singh Says:

    u should sing no promises by shayne ward also….

  7. veton krasniqi Says:


  8. elja mina Says:

    You’re the #Best ♥

  9. Arshdeep Singh Says:

    awesome song….ur voice is nice fella…goodluck :)

  10. Iris Valo Says:

    For me this is a lot better than the original, love it:)

  11. Stavros Mantheos Says:

    bravo yll 

  12. Armando Peloso Says:

    Congrats you much better than Justin Bieber

  13. Petrit Veseli Says:

    Better than Justin Bieber<33adeee

  14. TheRealfilmkuh Says:

    amazing voice…

  15. Stavros Mantheos Says:

    you are super bestttttttttttttt

  16. daydreamin808 Says:
  17. Granit Latifi Says:

    palim pidhi per Justinin 🙂 , edhe pse kurr nuk ngoj ksi kong Respect per
    ty Yll !

  18. Donatela Hanaj Says:

    As long as u love me… <3

  19. Mikel Shiya Says:

    wow that was beautiful.. my entire attention was fixated on your every note
    and i loved the way you chose to sing your hums and oohs at 3:00…
    absolutely beautiful voice

  20. David Diego Says:

    You are very good singer

  21. Rexhep Rexhepi Says:

    we bir qfar zoni .

  22. tenzilla perdibuka Says:
  23. david bytyqi Says:

    best cover ever 

  24. ValiZake Elshani Says:
  25. ValiZake Elshani Says: