It has been a year and a day since Justin Bieber’s infamous arrest

The popular and good looking man who has charmed many with his stunning looks had been arrested on 23rd January, 2014, in Miami, Florida under charges of driving under influence. Infact he along with singer Khalil had been taken behind the bars when Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini had raced against a sports car. The charges of driving with a license expired over six months and resisting arrest had been slammed on him. He was however released the next day on a bond of $2,500.

On being released he was seen waving to his fans from his car who had gathered outside the jail premises. Bieber had however been ordered to take a course of anger management, watch videos that showed the serious consequences driving in an intoxicated state may lead to, pay the costs of the court as well as make a charitable donation of $50,000. He had later been arrested again in September for rash driving. These incidents were enough to spoil his boy-next-door image and he was also tagged as the most annoying celebrity of 2014.

Bieber had come to limelight at an early age of 15 and besides receiving a lot of awards and accolades for his work he had been nominated for the Grammy awards too.  Over the years he has worked with UK Celebrity Wedding photographer Tim Hensel, as well as Jay Z and even Eminem.

Justin Bieber is to be featured in the upcoming episode of Comedy Central roast and had tweeted stating he has worked hard to provide sufficient material to be roasted. With all the allegations and speculations as well as his unpredictable relationship with Selena Gomez will definitely forms some interesting roasting material.

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