Die In Your Arms – Justin Bieber – Official Music Video (Cover by Bri Heart ft. Jervy Hou)

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Die In Your Arms – Justin Bieber – Official Music Video (Cover by Bri Heart ft. Jervy Hou)”

  1. Natasja Vellekoop Says:

    Ilove it!

  2. Ricky Walls Says:

    wow Fags

  3. theory816 Says:

    I likey!

  4. Amanda Röjdmark Says:

    I LOVE IT!! 😀

  5. jessica sutton Says:

    That is so cute

  6. 酷德 黃 Says:

    where is the road you are walking on? so beautiful !

  7. jux t'apose Says:

    All the boys so envy him.. totally

  8. Mrspretty Gurl Says:

    Beautiful voice

  9. sokhourn kim Says:

    You guy so cute together :))

  10. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    me 2

  11. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    me to

  12. newamanece Says:

    bull shit

  13. Ashleyyxx16 Says:

    I don’t like Justin Bieber but i love this cover….

  14. Imtiyaz Shaikh Says:

    why ..????why dislike because u r a whydislike boy …person?mybee..?

  15. Imtiyaz Shaikh Says:

    hiii mee too natss..

  16. natsmaria Says:

    I keep listening to this cover all over again:D

  17. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    i don’t like justin bieber but i do like your
    version of this song ,

  18. Helen t.o.v Says:

    grrr.. why you are with those people..? iam afraid of them ..:$%#

  19. BiebsMyFlawless Says:

    Im jelly with u,….. 

  20. Cosmonoic99 Says:

    You guys are just proving it again, young love makes best pop music!

  21. Emma Mangen Says:

    @GARY42353 agree!

  22. bellacouture714 Says:

    the guy doesnt love the girl

  23. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    me 2

  24. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    you guys make a great team and your music has great sound

  25. GARY BINGHAM Says:

    and you are so pretty