Carly Rae Jepsen – Beautiful ft. Justin Bieber official lyrics on screen full version

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25 Responses to “Carly Rae Jepsen – Beautiful ft. Justin Bieber official lyrics on screen full version”

  1. Zara M Says:

    But 1D didn’t heard this song,WMYB was out before this was out!

  2. Snmalak Samy Says:

    Amazing …. What Program Do you use ?

  3. khean navea Says:

    beautiful combination ! #beliebers

  4. pinkras1 Says:

    who`s Rebecca Black??? sry but I`ve never heard of her….

  5. pinkras1 Says:

    I LOVE this song, it`s absolutely perfect!!!!!!!

  6. Yanni Pizzatti Says:

    la odio

  7. ShiannaMAHOMIE campanelli Says:

    I love this song but not just because Justin Singsin it It’s because it’s
    awesome and carly Rae is good too And this song it soooo good has a good

  8. annemiekje10 Says:

    The song and the video is absolutely beautiful! 🙂 ♥

  9. Janelle Sussdorf Says:

    when Justin says”Nothing in the world compares to the feelings that we
    share” :’)

  10. Lyanne Seelen Says:

    wauw, it’s perfect. <3

  11. Genny Ferrara Says:

    F A N T A S T I C A <3 <3

  12. Adela K Says:

    beautiful video 🙂

  13. potaku1 Says:

    The song and your lyric video is soooo cute. 😉

  14. serrenity abrajan Says:

    i love this song alot it reminds me of me and my bf!<3

  15. Mathilde Sykes Says:


  16. Sumaiya Hoque Says:

    This song is perfect. My new fav song! ^_^

  17. haley bieber Says:

    you got like alll the lyrics wrong LOL

  18. Janet malik Says:

    Actuallt,they realised it AFTER WMYB,so 1D couldnt have stole it. Haha.

  19. OneDirectonluva Says:

    I’m a directioner but somehow I can relate to this song… it’s a really
    nice song:)

  20. SwiftiesForever39 Says:

    Perfect song <3 Love it xox

  21. candykittenstar Says:

    Canadian and proud 🙂

  22. nonalovebieber Says:

    Perfect songg omg

  23. nala kiaz Says:

    wow.. this song is amaizing. i love it <3

  24. brianna adkins Says:

    actually it was just a coincidence, because WMYB was made in like March
    COMMON. .-.

  25. mrjohnnyhh Says:

    I’m not hatin, i’m just saying, she got famous off one catchy song, and got
    noticed by JUSTIN BIEBER, and they’re are a million kids and people on
    Youtube who write amazing songs and hardley get noticed. Carly is like the
    Rebbeca Black story but reversed