Carly Rae Jepsen – Beautiful (Feat. Justin Bieber) LYRICS [FULL SONG]

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25 Responses to “Carly Rae Jepsen – Beautiful (Feat. Justin Bieber) LYRICS [FULL SONG]”

  1. sevval bakircioglu Says:


  2. 4everlovestruck Says:


  3. SeanJrx Says:

    Aye bech, you like her?

  4. DemiiiLovatoz Says:

    No it’s a fake account /. if u roll over or click on the name it’s Jebzay

  5. alyaa amirah Says:

    this is the real justin bieber?

  6. Dioselina Salgado Says:

    OMG Justin Bieber? you actually comment on videos?!?!?!?!

  7. Aarushi Sharma Says:

    The only Song of Carly I like…

  8. Glo Orange Says:

    The JustinBieberVEVO account is fake. If you hover hover your mouse over the username it shows it belongs to someone called Jebzay. Sorry to break your gullible hearts

  9. Rainshadow999 Says:

    Justin Bieber ruined Carly Rae Jepson for me!

  10. Sunil Negi Says:

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  12. vanessa DiFruscio Says:


  13. doublepeacex2 Says:


  14. Paris lopez Says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! This is just so impossible to believe!!! Feat isn’t a person it’s when a artist sings with another person and is included in the song so they put ‘Featuring’ and they put they name of the person for example in this song Carly is ‘featuring’ Justin cause he’s singing the song with her…

  15. Ivy Diluarentis Says:­h to listen to Justin Bieber’s new single heartbreaker

  16. rebeccabandersen Says:

    Well, that’s funny, since Justin actually made this song before One Direction sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

  17. beatlesguyEM Says:

    only for people who deserve it.

  18. Kheda te Creo Says:

    Hahha omg

  19. Paris lopez Says:

    That’s a real account smarty click on the channel there’s all ‘VEVO’ videos

  20. loveesophiesian Says:

    are you lot so stupid as to think this is actually Justin?? Its a fake account !! wow

  21. ardonika2000 Says:

    xD I Love You Justin 😀 you changed my life and i hope you know that i love you more than everything in this world cause you’re the only person my heart beats like crazy when i hear your name .. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WIL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!! :* trust me

  22. ardonika2000 Says:


  23. Paola Criss Says:

    seriously? what makes you so beautiful is you don’t know how beautiful..? it sound so”you don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful”!! it sounds like copy for me!

  24. Yzyz Cortez Says:

    Nobody`s Perfect, Only This Song 🙂

  25. Cameron Jones Says:

    Errrr Carly kinda looks demonic there, doesn’t she?