Beauty And A Beat – Justin Bieber – Official Cover by Morgan Wheeler

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Beauty And A Beat – Justin Bieber – Official Cover by Morgan Wheeler”

  1. Sandeep Nagarkoti Says:

    so much work…ughh u worked very hard but no compromise on voice…just

  2. Morgan Higgins Says:


  3. 張金猷 Says:

    Good feel

  4. Stevie Wondering Says:

    she deserves more viewers tho! 😀 GJ baby

  5. Bodhi Gracia Says:

    Hey you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kat everdeen Says:

    You are very talented

  7. rizal triputra Says:

    Damn… Morgan Wheeler ain’t kidding.. she can play almost, Everything.
    Amaze (:

  8. Cathy Liu Says:

    another talented youtube musician!

  9. Piper Walker Says:

    Can u really play all those instruments?!!! Your awesome 🙂

  10. Alexandra Groenewoud Says:

    So talenten

  11. Kevin Lyt Says:

    what’s that app called? 

  12. Tanja Stenqvist Says:

    So cool thath you play so many instrunents :)

  13. jammiefox12 Says:

    What can’t she play? Lol, amazing voice, and amazing talent overall.

  14. Salderator Says:


  15. lisa monteith Says:

    wow if we were on the x factor i bet you would win

  16. Maccario Gianni Says:

    Amazing. It’s super sexy seeing a girl playing drums.

  17. Hanan Nas Says:

    Wow :)

  18. SanniLikesInFlames Says:

    You are so talented

  19. thesupershortyd10 Says:

    Is there anything you can’t play. Blimey! Skills left, right and centre. 

  20. RogerEstradaTV Says:

    Simply Amazing!

  21. vl2313 Says:

    You are amazing. Fucking awesome…:))) (y)

  22. Jamie Morris Says:

    Sounds better then the orignal nice one morgan

  23. Szymon Mroczek Says:

    is a fail

  24. SanniLikesInFlames Says:

    You are so talented 😮 

  25. Ahmed Salim Says: