“As Long As You Love Me” – Justin Bieber – Official Cover Video (Alex Goot & Landon Austin)

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25 Responses to ““As Long As You Love Me” – Justin Bieber – Official Cover Video (Alex Goot & Landon Austin)”

  1. Louloune555 Says:

    I think I like Justin now

  2. TheLytboi Says:

    it’s an opinion. gawd.

  3. TheLytboi Says:

    it’s weird that both top comments are by the same guy.

  4. isabellhuberih Says:


  5. TheOneWhoLovesCOD Says:


  6. irfan fame Says:

    keep it up

  7. Alejandro Nieto Says:

    Alex do a cover of Cruise – Florida Georgia Line, LIKE PLEASE…

  8. Jordan Marks Says:

    Just finished and uploaded a new cover of ‘Alex Clare – Too Close’

    Would appreciate it so much if all you music fans could check it out!

    Click on my channel on the left here!

    New cover to coming soon too!

    Thankyou ! 🙂

  9. giancarlo bonissi Says:

    What’s up everyone!
    I’m a 15 year old guy from Panama, and I dream to become a singer!
    I post my song in youtube
    It would help me closer to my dream if you thumb this comment up!
    I won’t let you down, and I promise you, you’ll be looking back and thinking “I knew him before he made it!”
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  10. Sara Grayson Says:

    Hahaha Zane! I agree!! Gimme this over beiber ANYDAY!!!

  11. Martin Shiron Says:

    If it had the rap part it would’ve been so cool.

  12. Dutsch22 Says:

    thats not hard, cause the original is shit

  13. Aishwarya Dubey Says:


  14. Brandon Schenderling Says:

    Who cares if it insults Justin Quieber

  15. SRHikuruPlays Says:

    It’s still better. If I had a song of mine getting covered and it sounded better than mine I would be rather honored that someone actually worked their asses off to perform at such high standards.

  16. Candis Galas Says:

    saying its better then the original is an insult to justin cause its his song. if it was yours you would be insulted to. i like this version but the other is good to. this is just a cover. stop saying its better. that is rude

  17. Liva Sofie Hampen Says:

    I don’t like the original but this… this is genius

  18. Warren Henson Says:

    as long as you like Alex’s work you wont get hated on :p

  19. LiLblackSun Says:

    its really better than the original

  20. maevavideos0 Says:

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  21. istiawan adi nugraha Says:

    wawwww, awesome

  22. AseonMercer Says:

    the mic must taste delicious

  23. LURST PHUC Says:

    Nice shoes in every video!

  24. caosam7989 Says:

    Wow 3

  25. JamesMaslowCrew Says:

    That was amazing! You guys should try and and cover Clarity by Zedd