A Huge Surprise for Justin Bieber’s Superfan!

Justin Bieber Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “A Huge Surprise for Justin Bieber’s Superfan!”

  1. Jaylensgurl21495 Says:

    Omg words can’t describe how much I love him AND his personality!!! This was incredibly sweet (: haters need to stfu cuz if u don’t like him then why be pathetic and comment?? Move on!! I love you Justin!!! #truebelieber !!

  2. Elizablue2 Says:

    This is so cute it was almost painful to watch

  3. alexmejia26 Says:

    JB: “Good morning ma’am, I am here to bang your stupid daughter and leave” Lady: “yes yes, come in young man” JB: “this won’t literally take more than a minute”

  4. coolcatcando88 Says:

    OMG i wish that could have happend to mebut i live on the other side of the world :/

  5. dinosaurstalk Says:

    i reckon she’s never been that excited to go see a movie…

  6. goldenmusicworld Says:

    I stumbled on this video by accident. I don’t really like Justin Bieber, but this video is so cute !

  7. SabelxBelieber Says:

    hes so amazing and talented. anyone who tears him down is just being really mean. he has tried so hard to get where he is and no one should be mean to him.. calling him gay? hes oviously not! hes going out with selena gomez if u havnt opened ur eyes and noticed. how would u like it if that was you? almost every girl is in love with him! hes so talented and his voice is so beautful! Hes really nice & I have talked to him on the phone. if you guys wants his number is in my channel.

  8. EatMorEShit102 Says:

    @Corsacu Absolutely Right!! Take Here!!

  9. Corsacu Says:

    She is cute,) better than Gomez.

  10. KatieIanfan1 Says:

    @KeikaxCinnamonx19 you’re right 😀 I amn’t belieber but I wish I was her 😀

  11. WhenImGoneJustCaryOn Says:

    luckky bitchh !!?

  12. AlbanianLori Says:

    Wish i was her xx

  13. 44dangle44 Says:

    shes having an orgasm O.o

  14. xMrsDaisyBieberx Says:

    @digitlen8 yuu cant even spell bieber

  15. xMrsDaisyBieberx Says:

    how did that get to happen ? xx

  16. MapleWorry Says:


  17. purplelover407 Says:

    i swear that happened 2 me i would like fall in2 a comma just thinkin about that makes me wanna faint

  18. bubimandiee Says:

    ill laugh wen shes like are you serious, and his like rips his mask off ! AHAHA

  19. mcdaid12 Says:

    tbh that was fucking sound of him

  20. baileyp7413 Says:

    Lmaoo that was soo funny when he said you can come to my premier and she almosts gas a heart attack in his lap

  21. ghmaster975 Says:

    @Eagle0watch7dv eagle, ypur my justin bieber 😀

  22. digitlen8 Says:

    My room use to be all Justin vie er posters but I had to take them down:(

  23. digitlen8 Says:


  24. DjWade3734 Says:

    i bet im hotter than jb. i bet he’s just cuter

  25. KeikaxCinnamonx19 Says:

    I am not a fan of JB at all, but I must say, That was very cute!